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The density of docks, boat ramps, and boat rail systems for use by residential land owners will not exceed fifteen (15) per ½ mile, without special consideration and approval by ESCD.

  • To maintain densities at or below these levels, shared use docks and boat ramps are strongly encouraged and in some instances required. Common stream bank dock facilities shared by two or more owners are encouraged, as such facilities reduce the overall environmental impacts on the streambed and bank and ease navigational congestion on the stream.
  • All docks and ramps will be reviewed on an on-site basis. The following among other things will be considered:
    1. Current
    2. Water Depth
    3. Stream Width
    4. Stream Configuration
    5. Soils
    6. Bank Configuration
  • Floating Docks should be removed from the water during periods of high annual flow and anchored securely above the mean high water line to avoid drift.
  • Construction in the area of a stream will be such as not to concentrate run-off into the stream.
  • Boat ramps have a potential to increase sedimentation in the stream and diminish water quality. Boat rail systems, if properly installed, generally have an insignificant impact on the stream and it’s banks.
  • Footings and/or the base of the boat ramp shall be constructed below the pre-existing grade of the stream bank.
  • All material excavated from the stream to construct the boat ramp and not used as ramp foundation material shall be immediately and completely removed from the floodplain and deposited in such a manner as to prohibit its re-entry into the stream. Major excavations (>50 cubic yards) will only be considered for shared boat ramps.
  • Boat ramps shall be of the same elevation as the pre-construction streambed and banks, except that maximum grade shall not exceed 15% regardless of the stream bank.
  • Concrete boat ramp edges shall be thickened to a minimum of twice the average thickness of the ramp in order to prevent erosive undercutting or breaking of ramp edges.
  • Launching rails shall be suitably anchored to the stream bottom.
  • The rails of the rail launching system shall not exceed four (4) inches in height and the rail system shall lie on and follow the grade of the existing streambed and banks. No portion of the rail shall extend more than 18 inches above the immediately adjacent land.
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