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Sanders County Conservation Districts want to attract more beneficial pollinators to our county, and we need your help. You can participate in the pollinator initiative and receive FREE SEED for plots sizes 100 to 1,000 square feet! 

We have pollinator friendly seed mixes complete with beautiful flower species specifically for Western Montana and now we need you to help us plant it! We will help you with preparation of your garden plot, planting the seeds, and provide the seed for FREE! Seed will be provided for plots 100 to 1,000 square feet.  Site preparation is required prior to planting with an expectation that the pollinator garden will be managed and tended to over time.  Whether you are a backyard enthusiast or a large-scale agricultural producer, we’d love to work with you to improve pollinator habitat on your property.

Why plant flowers that are beneficial to insects in your backyard? What has been the decline in pollinator species in general?  In Montana?

Pollinators live in a wide variety of habitats and use a wide variety of pollen sources. With less and less habitat pollinators are declining, this is why it is important to have a variety of plants that pollinators will use in your own back yard. Pollinator gardens are a great way to increase native pollinators and beneficial insects. This mix contains plants with varying blooming times to provide a food source for pollinators all season long. Flowers of all different shapes, sizes, and colors are included in the mix to attract a variety of different beneficial insects. Some of the insects that are attracted to pollinator gardens include bees, butterflies, and moths. These insects are responsible for pollinating the fruits, vegetables, and nuts that we eat. Did you know we can thank pollinators for one out of three bites of food we take? Give us a call and help create more pollinator habitat today!

Already have a plot? Help us monitor your plot with our DIY monitoring sheet. Download the sheet here!

How do I get seed?

There are only a few steps to get your free seed!

  1. Site preparation to control weed and grass competition before planting is required.
  2. Stop in to the office, Monday-Friday, in the USDA Building (7487 HWY 200, Plains, MT 59859), pick out your plot size, and get to planting!
    • Seed is also available at the Green Mountain Conservation District, 2952 HWY 200, Trout Creek, MT 59874, by appointment only (email
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